Father’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it – fathers are difficult to shop for. Despite what your father says, there are only so many power tools that can fit in the garage or ties that can be stuffed in the drawer. This year, we recommend giving your Dad something a little more spirited. Check out our short list of top-notch Father’s Day gifts.

Fidencio Mezcal Clasico


If your father is a fan of tequila, then he will surely appreciate mezcal. The mother of tequila, mezcal is a spirit made from the Mexican maguey plant. Clasico is a traditional, Oaxacan mezcal roasted in a wood-fired earthen oven. The flavor is a complex balance of fruit, spice, and smoke.

Highland Park 15 Year Single Malt Scotch Whiskey


A great bottle of scotch is always a fine, traditional choice. The 15 year old is a smooth, easy-to-drink single malt with a rich, initially sweet palate that gives way to a smokey finish.

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Bourbon Whiskey


What’s unique about this bourbon is the way that it was aged – barrels of bourbon aged 6 – 8 years were put on a container ship for six months, making its way across the equator four times. The constant sloshing of the liquid against the barrels is said to age the whiskey faster. Any dad would appreciate Jefferson’s rich, spicy, and dark fruit flavor with a hint of salty brine.

Riazul Tequila Anejo


Riazul’s premium anejo tequila is a rich spirit containing flavors of caramel, agave, almond, and spice. Tell Dad that it’s best enjoyed neat!

Wine Club

Is you father a oenophile? The Columbia Wine Co. Wine Club is the perfect Father’s Day choice! Enjoy custom cases curated by our staff according to varietals and regions. Take a look at our offerings.


Of course, you can find all of these suggestions and more in our store. Stop by or shop online!



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