We know that in the past you may have heard of the different types of fears. It ranges from the most common fears like acrophobia (the fear of heights) and arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) to the most outrageous ones like ergophobia (the fear of work or the work environment, WHAT?) and philophobia (the fear of falling in love, this might be not as uncommon as you think). If you think that that’s ridiculous, wait until you hear this type of phobia.

Oenophobia. You might not have heard of this yet, but this is very real. It is the fear of wines.

Yes, there’s a select few that fears this rich, delicious, alcoholic beverage that everyone (well, not really) has loved to drink.

According to common-phobias.com, oenophobia is defined as “the fear of wines. The origin of the word oeno is Greek (meaning wine) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear).” “Oenophobia is also called Oinophobia.” This type of phobia might arise from different types of events like traumatic experiences with wine, or internal things like heredity or the genes. Still according to the website, “the symptoms vary by person depending on their level of fear. The symptoms typically include extreme anxiety, dread and anything associated with panic such as shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, nausea, inability to articulate words or sentences, dry mouth and shaking.” Wow, that is a serious one.

According to phobiasource.com, “For some, this fear is associated with the fear of alcoholic beverages and intoxication. For others, the fear of wine may stem from the fear of having to choose wine for a party for instance and chose a bad wine and was blamed by the host, or was made to drink a lot of wine that caused one to be extremely intoxicated and was unable to control the symptoms of intoxication such as vomiting and disinhibition.” We can’t imagine vomiting because of the delicious wine, well unless we already had a little too much. We always encourage moderate drinking.

This type of phobia is something that is very strange, yet there are still some who have it. As for us, we can’t imagine fearing this sumptuous alcoholic drink that is a great compliment to almost anything or any event in this world. How about you? Can you imagine life without sweet or semi-sweet wine? Can you imagine eating cheese or a big slab of steak or veal without it? We don’t.


Monastic Wine

Whenever you think of wine, you think of vineyards and farmers plucking the rich, sumptuous grapes that is converted into the flavorful, alcoholic beverage (with a low alcoholic content) that you know today. We always think of family-owned companies that make the quality wine that we have on the market right now. However, not a lot of people know that wine was made by monks (What?) a lot earlier than these famous winemakers that we know now, like Californian winemaker Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyards, Heidi Barrett, the famous California winemaker, Diego Planeta, and Italian winemaker, Sandro Boscaini of MASI, to name a few.

The wines that they made were called monastic wines. They were also the first to develop the French vineyards in the 12th century. Yes. Monks. Making alcoholic drinks. In fact, these were promoted by the Dukes of Bourgogne (or the Duke of Burgundy) in France. They didn’t just develop wine, but cheese too (which is a great companion of wine)!

In the Catholic religion, which was very dominant in Europe in the Middle Ages, needed wine for its liturgy. This is the reason why abbots of monasteries and bishops around Europe became wine growers and they also cultivated a lot of vineyards. The monasteries which developed between the 9th and the 13th century consumed a large quantity of wine. It was used for the liturgy but also appeared on the menu of the monastery. While particularly ascetic monasteries prohibited its consumption, wine was generally accepted as a part of the daily diet in the Middle Ages.

There were 109 wine appellations of monastic origin in France alone. There would also be 45 in Germany, 27 in Austria, 17 in Italy, 9 in Portugal, 12 in Switzerland 7 in Spain, 5 in Greece and 4 in Great Britain. This process of winemaking eventually made its way to the New World (now called the Americas) and were first introduced to California in 1779 by Saint Junipero Serra and his Franciscan colleagues, laying the groundwork for the wine industry in California today. In fact, there are still monks in the present day that still have vineyard estates and still manufacture the great, legendary, and one of the most consumed alcoholic drinks today.

What do you think of this? Did this change your perspective in your wine? Did this add to your wine knowledge? Maybe it changed the way you looked at your wine. Trust us, it did. It really did. Maybe the next time you buy your wine you might ask yourself if this was made by your local neighborhood monk. Who knows? You might be right.

Must-Try: Five Great White Wine

A cocktail more specifically may mean a beverage with at least three flavors, one of which is alcohol. More specifically still, it must contain alcohol, a sugar, and a bitter/citrus ingredient. Although mixed drinks called punch were being made as far back as the 1500s, most people date the invention of the cocktail to the 1800s. The word ‘cocktail’ was first published in a newspaper in 1806.

Another popular story comes from New Orleans, where an apothecary by the name of Peychaud (of bitters fame) served a mixed brandy drink in a French eggcup. Eventually the drink was named coquetier, the French term for an eggcup. Peychaud’s guests shortened the name to “cocktay,” and eventually it became “cocktail.”

Can you make a great cocktail with white wine? Definitely you can. Here are some of the great cocktail recipes that can be made using any white wine brands to cool your summer heat:

White Strawberry Lemon Sangria

It’s sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. It’s just-right sweet. The strawberries lend their signature summery taste while the sour lemon keeps everything in check. Lemon-lime soda tops it off and, makes this strawberry lemon sangria particularly drinkable – in a bit of a dangerous way, actually.

And then there’s the buzzed fruit. Thanks to the addition of rum, the strawberries and apples are nice and kicky – perfect for picking out of the glass for a quick nibble. This is such a wonderfully refreshing sangria – great for the hot, muggy days ahead. And warm summer evenings. And sunny afternoons. And maybe even right now.

White Wine Spritzer

The simple no-frills classic! For more flavor, you can add some peach schnapps or flavored soda (orange) for a different taste. A good rule of thumb, regardless of batch size, is three parts wines to one-part club soda. Wine spritzers are an excellent way to bluff your way through the wine hour light enough to sip throughout the afternoon.

Thai Basil-Ginger Spritzer

Paired with peppery ginger, the anise flavor of Thai basil gives you a highly refreshing summer sipper. Look for kaffir lime leaves at Asian markets. If kaffir leaves are unavailable, simply omit. This recipe will also work nicely with fresh mint or cilantro sprigs instead of Thai basil.

French 75

French 75 is a cocktail made from gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. It is also called a 75 Cocktail, or in French simply a Soixante Quinze (Seventy Five). The drink with its current name and recipe developed over the 1920s, though similar drinks date to the 19th century. In the 19th century, the Champagne cup was a popular cocktail, consisting of champagne, lemon juice, sugar, and ice. Gin was sometimes added, yielding a drink much like the French 75.

Mulled White Wine

This warming drink has the flavorful depth of the classic red version but is lighter in body. Choose a white that’s not too acidic, such as a Viognier or an oaked Chardonnay (wines that are more astringent can develop a harsh edge when heated).

Top 3: The Best White Wine Brands Ever

Among the many types of white wine, dry white wine is the most common. More or less aromatic and tangy, it is derived from the complete fermentation of the wort. Sweet wines, on the other hand, are produced by interrupting the fermentation before all the grape sugars are converted into alcohol; this is called Mutage or fortification.

Sparkling wines, which are mostly white, are wines where the carbon dioxide from the fermentation is kept dissolved in the wine and becomes gas when the bottle is opened. Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio are the most important and popular white grape varieties today.

There are a lot of great white wine brands out there depending on price and quality. Lucky for you, we have gathered three of the best white wines that could be on your watchlist:

  1. Domaine Ramonet Montrachet Grand Cru

The most popular white wine variety is Chardonnay. Located in Burgundy, a winegrowing region where terroir and sense of place are typically more important than individual winemakers, Domaine Ramonet is in a class of its own. In fact, Domaine Ramonet Montrachet, the estate’s flagship wine, is claimed by many to be unequaled. Domaine Ramonet is undoubtedly regarded amongst the top producers of white wines in the Côte de Beaune, from their superb Chassagne-Montrachet Villages and Premiers Crus to its masterpiece Grands Crus.

This wine is a pale white, with aromas pretty aromas of fresh brioche, white flowers, and toasted nuts. Mineral-driven with flavors of white fruit, heirloom apple and tarragon. This wine is austere with a weighty mid palate with vibrant acidity and a long, persistent finish.

  1. Conte Fini Pinot Grigio Alto Adige

Conte Fini is a winery in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. This beautifully balanced Pinot Grigio from Italy’s Alto Adige region in northern Italy offers bright citrus fruit flavors with underlying mineral notes and a lengthy finish. It’s a perfect match for lobster and shellfish.

  1. Apothic White Blend

Apothic White is an approachable blend that combines Chardonnay, Riesling and Moscato to create a luscious, vibrant wine in the bold style of Apothic. Intense flavors of peach, pineapple, honey and vanilla spice make this smooth white blend unforgettable.

How this white wine taste is that it blends Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Grigio for a medium-bodied wine with vibrant layers of flavor. Riesling lends Apothic White its floral notes and firm acidity. Chardonnay adds texture and body, while Pinot Grigio contributes refreshing flavors of juicy pineapple, peach and apricot, leading to a crisp, balanced finish.

Awesome Food Recipes This Memorial Day Weekend

Looking for the best Memorial Day recipe is sometimes proven to be harder than remembering our fallen comrades during wartime? If you’re like me who wants to celebrate Memorial Day by hosting a fine dinner at home or host a simple yet delicious picnic with your family or friends,

Either a great picnic or a weekend lunch, here are some awesome recipes that will let you have the most perfect for the best Memorial Day gathering ever this 2018!

  1. Grilled Glazed-Salmon Sandwiches with Bacon

Deliciously grilled Salmon glazed with horseradish topped-up with lettuce, butter, bacon, and closed with raiser rolls. A truly loveable treat!

  1. Buffalo Cole Slaw

Salad lovers beware! This one is a blast for a Memorial Day weekend run. The ultimate side dish for the buffalo wings fanatic in your life.

  1. Steak Taco on a Stick

This is what happens when you pair a taco and a kebab! An excellent union indeed. This is a unique (and delicious) way to cook kebabs. Top it with hot sauce and lime makes up for that “explosive” combination. Meet our new favorite way to eat steak tacos.

  1. Crunchy Lemonade Drumsticks

Treat skin-on drumsticks to a fragrant lemon-buttermilk marinade for at least 4 hours up to overnight before breading and baking them. It’s best to dip the drumsticks in mayo before rolling them in panko to ensure the breading sticks.

  1. Nacho Burgers

The only thing better than a cheeseburger is one topped with nacho cheese sauce, salsa and tortilla chips. Of all the burger recipes F&W has run (more than 100), and of the six from chef Bobby Flay, this one is the over-the-top best, with juicy meat, gooey cheese, salsa and tortilla chips.

  1. Poppy-Seed Potato Salad

Try this mayo-free take on potato salad, made instead with an easy dressing of Dijon mustard, poppy seeds, oil and vinegar.

  1. Peanut Butter-Fudge Cups

With their peanut butter cookie crusts and chocolaty cake centers, these diminutive desserts offer a fun twist on the traditional peanut butter cup. Better still, Peanut Butter-Fudge Cups are an easy-to-transport dessert that needs no cutting or serving.

With these recipes, I’m sure your Memorial Day weekend will be the best one this year. Honor the fallen ones who fought hard and offered their lives and have a wonderful day celebrating!


Six Best Memorial Day Cocktail Recipes

Memorial Day has been around for a long time since the Civil War era. Soldiers who fought on those bloody wars have been doing their very best to protect our freedom and our motherland. Many people celebrate Memorial Day through cemetery or memorial visits, holding big family gatherings and participating in parades that represents the people who have paid for their lives for our freedom and survival.

Celebrate Memorial Day this weekend with a cocktail. If you’re looking for the best ideas and recipes for a Memorial Day cocktail, then you’re in luck. We have gathered the best recipes that you can make:

Garrick Club Punch

This historic sipper tastes as good now as it did back in 1835 when it was invented. The recipe, discovered by Liquor.com advisory board member and cocktail historian David Wondrich, combines a bottle of gin with lemons, sugar, maraschino liqueur and soda water. Perfect for sharing with friends on a warm afternoon.

Red, White and Blue Margaritas

If you’re looking for a way to cool down this 4th of July (including Memorial Day this weekend), try kicking back with one of these. Both strawberry and lime margaritas make a statement, and the addition of frozen blueberries adds a festive kick. If you don’t drink or are looking to make one for the kids, don’t worry. These can be made with or without spirits, and they taste just as good.

The Bulleit Old Fashioned

A good ol’ fashioned drink that will surely let you honor the ones who helped out making the country great with a dash of bourbon and a twist of lemon and orange with a large ice cube. This is as close you can get in tasting the good old days.

Steak Island Beer Cocktail

This refreshing beer cocktail has a savory twist: no, there’s no meat in it, but the secret ingredient is steak sauce. It adds sweetness, tang, salt, and a bit of underlying umami that isn’t too overpowering. You can prepare the base the night before and combine with chilled beer when ready to serve. Try it with burgers!

Moscow Mule

A strong, Russian workhorse of a drink. This cocktail’s origin has nothing to do with Moscow or mules, but after a few sips of this vodka, ginger beer, and lime concoction, no one will care.

Jalapeño Grapefruit Margarita

This margarita is the absolute best and easiest sweet, spicy cocktail for all your entertaining needs! Don’t forget to line the rim of the glass for a sweet/peppery contrast!

Three Great Ways To Do On Memorial Day Weekend

Is it a well-known fact that Memorial Day or Decoration Day is one of the most important holidays in the United States which is being celebrated each year. During this time, people remember those who died while serving the country. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in the 1970s.

Many people observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. People visit cemeteries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service, while volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries to signify that the men and women who died sacrificing for their country during the war was never in vein as they will always be remembered.

There is also a separate celebration for Veterans Day where military veterans are honored for their service for the country. Memorial Day has been celebrated with a solemnity and a hint of silence.  However, there are ways that you can celebrate Memorial Day that can not only make it spectacular but also remember those fallen soldiers of war.

Plan a Trip to Visit Civil War Sites

Has your getaway trip for a camping adventure or visiting your family and relatives been the only thing you do each year? Plan something new and bring them along for the ride! Get away as a family or with friends and enjoy a change of scenery this Memorial Day weekend. Make it all about spending time with loved ones as you remember those who have fought for your freedom.

There are a lot of civil war sites that you can visit from the Gettysburg National Military Park at Pennsylvania to the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. Be sure to prepare yourself since some of these sites are reported to be haunted. But that doesn’t stop you from remembering the fallen that their sacrifice was never truly in vein.

Attend A Memorial Day Parade

Every year, there are Memorial Day parades on some cities and states across the US that people come, celebrate and pay their respects through a minute of silence and loud be dazzling parades from marching bands come next. On Monday, May 28 will be the 151st year that Brooklyn’s Veterans will march in Brooklyn’s Memorial Day Parade If you want to join in, the parade starts at 11:00AM on 3rd Ave. & 78th St. in Bay Ridge. Be sure not to miss it!

Host A BBQ Party with a Movie Night to Go Along

I know. A simple barbecue party is quite common on some homes and families but if you can add some movie night watching war-themed movies such as Pearl Harbor or the Delta Force movies, your Memorial weekend will be fantastic. That delicious barbecue dish can truly be enjoyed with friends or family.

And never forget, however you decide to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, be sure to a enjoy!